Vision Spinner 2 Mini
Vision Spinner 2 Mini

Vision Spinner 2 Mini

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Don't let the size fool you, this Vision Spinner Mini 510 battery packs a punch with its compact size and makes an excellent e-cigarette for new vapers or veterans alike. No need to buy batteries for this cigarette, its got an 850mah battery 100% built in and ready to go out of the box.  The Vision Spinner Mini falls into the general category of whats know as a "510 battery" or "510 Device" means your Vision Spinner 2 is compatible with all other 510 threaded accessories and/or vape tanks. This 510 battery design is compatible with almost every vape tank on the market. 

Mini Vision Spinner 2 Features:

Short Circuit Protection: Automatically shut down.
Atomizer Protection: Press the button for 8 seconds to lock button.
Low Voltage Protection: Below 3.3 volts, the battery auto shuts down to protect ecig battery.
Over-Discharge Protection: Vision Spinner automatically turns off upon an over discharge.
Low battery Indicator: LED light on button flashes 5 times to signal low battery.

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